About Me

I am a fifth year doctoral candidate in the social psychology program at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. I use she/her/hers pronouns. I currently conduct research under the advisement of Dr Diana Sanchez within the Close Relationships, Identity, and Stigma (CRIS) Lab and collaborate with Drs. Lori Hoggard (Racism, Identity, Coping and Health Lab) and Gandalf Nicolas (Nicolas Lab).

My experience in both health/clinical and social psychology research labs has developed my interest in studying how individuals with socially devalued identities think about prejudices towards their group(s), face expectations of social devaluation, and interact with outgroup members. Much of my research strives to promote beneficial intergroup communication whether it is within interpersonal or healthcare contexts with the ultimate goal of developing research lines that can be applied to improve the wellbeing and health of individuals with visible (e.g., race) and concealable (e.g., sexual orientation) stigmatized identities.